Abercrombie Fitch Jobs

A total of 155 Abercrombie Fitch jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $73,885
Salary Range: $20,405

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Architectural And Engineering Manager1$365kNA
Senior Designer Director Ruehl Knits Sweaters1$220kNA
Director Of Allocation1$185kNA
Senior Director1$180kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$170kNA
Director Of In Store Marketing1$165kNA
Director Of Marketing1$160kNA
Design Director Mens Boys Denim2$150kNA
Director Of Design1$125kNA
Senior Designer Intimates Swim1$125kNA
Research Development Specialist1$120kNA
Senior Designer Menswear1$120kNA
Senior Director Design1$117kNA
Design Director8$116k
Senior Designer Girls2$113k
Fashion Designer27$112k
Senior Designer Hollister Girls1$110kNA
Design Director Boys1$110kNA
Design Manager Womenswear1$110kNA
Art Director Graphic Designer1$110kNA
Director Technical Design1$106kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application3$102k
Network And Computer System Administrator1$101kNA
Network System And Data Communications Analyst1$100kNA
Director Women S Tech Design2$100kNA
Art Director6$98k
Senior Designer10$98k
Software Developer Application9$98k
Sourcing Manager1$98kNA
Database Administrator1$96kNA
Computer Software Engineer1$96kNA
Designer Ruehl Women S Wovens1$95kNA
Senior Designer Womens Conceptua1$95kNA
Senior Designer Women S Conceptual Design2$95kNA
Fashion Designer Menswear Bottoms1$95kNA
Designer Ruehl Men S Denim1$95kNA
Designer Hollister Guy S Bottoms2$95kNA
Women S Wovens Designer2$93k
Fashion Designer Men S Knitwear1$91kNA
Designer Men S Knit1$91kNA
Designer Women S Bottoms3$90kNA
Senior Designer Women S1$90kNA
Senior Fashion Designer1$90kNA
Senior Fashion Recruiter2$90kNA
Merchandiser Fragrance Personal Care1$90kNA
Designer Men S Outerwear1$90kNA
Designer Hollister Dudes1$90kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$90kNA
Trim Production Manager1$90kNA
Computer System Analyst8$89k
Senior Designer Men S Boy S1$85kNA
Designer Girl S Sweaters1$85kNA
Designer Women S Fleece Swim Concept1$85kNA
Designer Ruehl Women S1$85kNA
Senior Technical Designer2$84k
Designer Hollister Girls1$80kNA
Designer Concept IV Women S1$80kNA
Designer A F Women S Intimates Sleep Swim1$80kNA
Designer Menswear1$80kNA
Designer Boys Wovens1$80kNA
Senior Cad Designer Concept IV Design1$80kNA
Senior Graphic Designer5$76k
Associate Designer Abercrombie Girls Denim1$76kNA
Designer Hollister Betty S1$75kNA
Designer Women S1$75kNA
Designer Girl S1$75kNA
Textile Designer1$75kNA
Designer Women S Sweaters1$75kNA
Wash Specialist1$75kNA
Cad Designer1$75kNA
Textile Designer Women S1$75kNA
Textile Dyes Wash Specialist2$75kNA
Designer Men S Boy S Gym Issue Active1$73kNA
Graphic Designer10$73k
Recruitment Manager1$72kNA
Designer A F Men S1$72kNA
Designer Hollister Guys1$70kNA
Senior Design Director1$70kNA
Technical Designer1$70kNA
Graphic Designer Men S Textiles1$70kNA
Associate Designer Hollister S Dude S1$68kNA
Graphic Designer Gym Issue1$65kNA
Associate Designer Betty S Outerwear1$65kNA
Senior Web Designer2$63kNA
Graphic Designer Hollister Guy S Graphics1$63kNA
Graphic Designer Hollister Girl S Graphics1$63kNA
Web Designer1$63kNA
Associate Designer Boys Knits1$60kNA
Associate Graphic Designer Mens1$60kNA
Manager Internet Design1$57kNA
Associate Designer A F Women S1$55kNA
Associate Designer Women S2$55kNA
Associate Designer Ruehl Women S Wovens1$55kNA
Graphic Designer Women S1$55kNA
Associate Designer Men S1$55kNA
Associate Designer Hollister Girl S Graphics1$55kNA
Associate Designer Girl S Woven Shirts Outerwea1$55kNA
Associate Designer Hollister Betty S2$54k
Fashion Designer Knitwear3$53k
Associate Technical Designer Womens1$52kNA
Associate Technical Designer3$52k
Associate Designer10$51k
Associate Designer Boys1$51kNA
Assistant Designer Hollister Girls2$50k
Associate Designer Knits1$50kNA
Graphic Designer Technical Design4$50k
Grapher Designer Technical Design1$50kNA
Associate Cad Designer Men S1$47kNA
Associate Cad Designer Boys1$47kNA
Assistant Designer Betty S Denim1$46kNA
Associate Tech Designer1$45kNA
Associate Technical Designer Women S1$45kNA
Assistant Designer Ruehl Women S Knits Fleece1$45kNA
Graphic Designer Assistant Technical Design3$45k
Assistant Designer Hollister Guys1$45kNA
Assistant Designer Concept IV Women S1$44kNA
Assistant Merchandiser3$43k
Assistant Technical Designer3$43k
Assistant Designer Abercrombie Women S2$42kNA
Assistant Designer A F Womenswear1$42kNA
Assistant Designer Men S3$42kNA
Assistant Designer Abercrombie Girls2$42kNA
Assistant Designer Abercrombie Boys1$42kNA
Assistant Designer Boys3$42kNA
Associate Designer Ruehl1$42kNA
Assistant Technical Designer Denim1$42kNA
Assistant Technical Designer Women S2$42kNA
Assistant Designer Hollister Girl S2$42kNA
Assistant Designer Hollister Dudes1$42kNA
Assistant Technical Designer Men S1$42kNA
Assistant Designer Hollister Dude S1$42kNA
Assistant Designer Hollister Betty S1$42kNA
Assistant Designer Women S6$42k
Assistant Designer21$41k
Assistant Cad Designer Hollister Guys1$40kNA
Web Developer1$40kNA
Assistant Designer Girls2$40kNA
Assistant Deisgner Girls1$40kNA
Finance Analyst1$40kNA
Associate Store Operations Manager3$40kNA
Graphic Designer Assistant Technical Designer1$40kNA
Assistant Cad Designer2$39k
Assistant Tax Analyst1$38kNA
Assistant Tech Designer1$34kNA
Assistant Marketing Manager1$27kNA
Operations Manager4$27k
Store Manager3$26k
Manager In Training4$26k
Assistant Manager5$26k
Store Operations Manager1$25kNA
Assistant Merchandising Manager1$24kNA