A2z Development Center Jobs

A total of 133 A2z Development Center jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $113,844
Salary Range: $53,872

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Studio Director1$185kNA
Senior Manager Ux Design1$180kNA
Senior Manager Of User Experience1$180kNA
Senior Manager Software Development1$179kNA
Software Engineering Manager1$178kNA
Product Data Management Solutions Architect1$170kNA
Senior Software Engnieer Lead1$165kNA
Senior Technical Program Manager1$160kNA
Hardware Antenna Manager1$158kNA
Senior Manager Product Management1$157kNA
Hardware Commodity Specialist III1$156kNA
Senior Hardware Engineer1$155kNA
Software Develoment Manager1$155kNA
Engineering Manager3$153k
Principal Legal Counsel2$152k
User Experience Designer III1$151kNA
Computer And Information System Manager4$150k
Game Artist III1$150kNA
Manager Quality1$150kNA
VP Engineering Operations1$150kNA
Hardware Development Manager1$148kNA
Senior Software Development Engineer2$145k
Senior Radio Frequency Design Engineer1$145kNA
Software Development Engineer III19$144k
Software Development Manager13$143k
Architectural And Engineering Manager7$142k
Senior User Experience Designer1$142kNA
Senior Commodity Manager1$140kNA
Senior Producer1$140kNA
Ios Developer1$140kNA
Android Software Developer1$140kNA
Quality Assruance Engineer II1$135kNA
Hardware Development Engineer III9$134k
Senior Product Manager1$133kNA
Senior Research Scientist2$131k
System Administration Engineer II1$130kNA
Product Development Manager1$130kNA
Display System Test Engineer1$130kNA
Electronics Engineer Excepts Computer1$129kNA
Quality Assurance Engineer III3$128k
Data Engineer II2$128k
Software Development Engineer Test II2$127k
Software Development Enginner III1$127kNA
Display Hardware Engineer1$127kNA
System Administrator Engineer II3$127k
Transportation Storage And Distribution Manager2$126kNA
Senior Hardware Validation Engineer1$126kNA
Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer1$125kNA
Game Development Engineer1$125kNA
Failure Analysis Engineer II1$125kNA
Marketing Manager1$125kNA
Solutions Architect1$125kNA
Software Development Engineer In Test II13$124k
Quality Assurance Manager5$123k
Technical Program Manager15$123k
Software Development Engineer II114$121k
Mobile Application Engineer1$120kNA
Operations Technical Program Manager III1$120kNA
Hardware Development Engineer II17$119k
Commercial And Industrial Designer1$118kNA
Quality Assurance Engineer II31$118k
Product Manager4$118k
Senior Display Engineer2$117k
Senior Software Devleopment Engineer Lead1$117kNA
Financial Analyst III Mba2$116k
Computer Software Engineer Application2$116k
Computer System Analyst1$116kNA
Software Development Engineer I In Test1$115kNA
Hardware Engineer1$115kNA
Audio System Engineer1$114kNA
Software Developer System Software20$113k
Radio Frequency System Manager1$113kNA
Management Analyst1$113kNA
Manufacturing Test Engineer1$112kNA
User Experience Designer II1$111kNA
Electronics Engineer Except Computer33$111k
Computer Hardware Engineer6$111k
Software Development Engineer In Test4$111k
Research Scientist II4$110k
Materials Engineer1$108kNA
Program Manager III2$107k
Computer Aided Design2$107k
Design Analysis Engineer1$106kNA
Rf Test Engineer I2$106k
Senior Software Development Manager2$105kNA
Industrial Engineer1$104kNA
Research Scientist I2$104k
User Interface Designer1$103kNA
Business Intelligence Engineer II2$103k
Software Development Engineer In Test I9$102k
Software Quality Assurance Engineer2$102k
Game Developer Engineer1$101kNA
Software Development Engineer I81$101k
Software Development Engineer II In Test1$100kNA
Software Quality Assurance Engineer I2$100k
Software Developer Application53$100k
Software Development Engineer14$100k
Manufacturing Test Engineer II2$99k
Quality Assurance Engineer10$99k
Hardware Validation Engineer II1$98kNA
Operations Program Manager4$98k
Software Development Engineer I Test1$97kNA
General And Operations Manager1$96kNA
Quality Assurance Engineer I14$96k
Program Manager6$96k
Hardware Service Engineer II1$95kNA
Hardware Design Engineer1$95kNA
Hardware Development Engineer I11$94k
Product Design Engineer II1$93kNA
Programmer Analyst II4$90k
Software Development Engineer In Test I Desktop1$90kNA
Business Analyst2$89k
Mechanical Engineer1$88kNA
Senior Financial Analyst2$87k
Display Test Engineer1$87kNA
Financial Analyst II2$86k
Business Intelligence Engineer1$83kNA
Program Manager II2$82k
Machine Learning Scientist I1$82kNA
Software Development Engineer Test I2$81kNA
Lab Engineer I1$81kNA
Financial Analyst1$80kNA
Senior Program Manager Mba1$75kNA
Product Design Engineer I1$74kNA
Technical Program Manager I1$71kNA
Support Engineer III2$68k
Support Engineer2$65k
Solutions Architect I1$64kNA
Quality Assurance Technician II1$62kNA
Quality Assurance Technician1$62kNA
User Experience Designer I1$56kNA
User Experience Designer1$56kNA